Is Natural Dog Food Better For My Dog?

Dogs are traditionally known as man’s best friend.

But, let's face it, your dog is best friends with EVERYONE in your family, are we right?

There is just something about their furry little face and that wagging tail that is hard to resist.

And, because you love your doggo so much, you want to give them the very best of everything - including food.

So, should you be feeding your pooch a natural dog food? Is it really better for them?

Let’s explore the answer to that question right now.

Is Natural Dog Food Better For My Dog?

What Is Natural Dog Food?

Natural dog food is a type of pet food that is made with all natural ingredients. That means it does not contain any artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

Here at Real Dog Food, our foods are considered natural. They are made with natural ingredients like meat, vegetables, and whole grains. These ingredients are minimally processed and provide all the essential nutrients your dog needs. We do not use chemical preservatives, only minimal amounts of natural antioxidants like garlic.

So, natural foods should equal natural ingredients. But, it’s important to note that use of the word “natural” is not regulated on products here in New Zealand. That means it is vital to check that what you are buying is actually made with natural ingredients.

With Real Dog Food, you can be assured that is the case!

Why Choose A Natural Dog Food?

There are plenty of reasons why natural dog food is the right choice for your pup! Here are a few of our favourite reasons:

Health Benefits

Because natural dog food is made from wholesome ingredients that are barely processed, they are free from nasty chemical additives. Unlike their commercial alternatives, natural foods don’t contain artificial components for flavour, preservation or appearance.

As we mentioned above, our range of natural dog foods have all the essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Our tasty biscuits have been formulated to include the right balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats to keep your pup full and satisfied. This carefully crafted balance and the quality ingredients used can help to improve your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.


Did you know that the nutritional benefits of food dwindle the longer you cook it? That’s why we use the process of extrusion to cook our pup chow super fast! It is cooked under pressure by direct steam injection in less than 30 seconds. Using this method ensures minimal nutrition loss, particularly in the vitamin department as they are subject to damage when heated for too long.

Low Allergy Risk

It is not uncommon for dogs to have sensitivities to certain ingredients. Wheat, corn, soy, and certain colourings and preservatives are all commonly found in commercial dog foods and are known triggers for many allergies. Often, when you read the ingredients list it is long and there are heaps of things you can’t pronounce.

By comparison, natural dog foods have a much shorter ingredient list (that you can pronounce and understand) and are usually free from common allergens.
Here at Real Dog Food, we know dogs have different dietary needs. For known allergies, you can shop our no nasties, no nonsense Allergy range. We have options that are grain-free, or hypoallergenic formulas suitable for doggies with sensitive digestion, kidney or liver problems, or pancreatitis.

Tastes Better

Our pups deserve tasty food just as much as we do! And because natural dog foods contain only natural, high-quality ingredients, they are delicious! Many dogs prefer the taste of our foods over commercial products because they have a more natural flavour.

Better Digestion

Because our natural dog foods are made with premium, natural ingredients, they are easy on your dog's digestive system. Why? Because our high-quality ingredients are what Mother Nature intended for your pup’s diet! That means they are more easily broken down by your dog’s digestive system for consistently healthy bodies.

It’s Fresher

Many commercial dog foods are created overseas, which means they need to take the looooong trip to New Zealand via boat. To ensure the products survive the trip, they contain a hefty dose of preservatives. It’s not uncommon for commercial dog foods to sit upwards of 3 months before even hitting the shop shelves.

The good thing is, you don’t need to wait anywhere near as long for our dog food! We make weekly batches of food that are delivered straight to your door. Fresh and yummy!

Is Natural Food Better?

So, the big question… is natural dog food better for my dog?

In short, yes! As long as you choose the right formulation for your doggo. Each dog has individual needs and preferences when it comes to food, so it is vital that you find a brand that meets your standards for quality and nutrition.

A big part of that is getting educated about what you are actually feeding your pup. Not all natural foods are created equally. Some foods claiming to be natural may still contain fillers. You need to carefully read the labels of the products you are thinking of buying to find out what each brand actually contains.

Or, you could save yourself the trouble and simply order your pet food from Real Dog Food. Our foods are 100% natural and 100% NZ made. They are crafted from premium ingredients and we use the same formulation every time to ensure nutritional and taste consistency.

And, to make things easy for you, we deliver them right to your doorstep either as an ongoing subscription or a one-off purchase. So, head over and order yours today!