Shiny, Silky Skin

No Fillers

No Artificial Preservatives

Made Fresh Weekly

NZ Sourced Ingredients

Eco Friendly

Why Real Dog Food?

100% Fresh and Natural Dog Food

No fillers, artificial preservatives or steroids, colours or flavours

Nutritionally Balanced

Real dog food has the perfect balance of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, omega oils and pre and pro-biotics for optimum gut health.

NZ Souced

Wild fish from NZ Waters. NZ Grass fed beef. All our food is human grade.

Improved Dog Health

Happier, healthier more energetic longer living best friend.

Independently Tested to Exceed AFFCO Standard

Developed with the help of leading pet nutritionist.

Easy To Store And Serve

Store in a cool dry place to guarantee 12 month shelf life.