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All Natural, Affordable Premium Dog Food made right here in NZ.

Order Online, Delivered to your door. Doesn’t get any easier.

Our Food
Our Food

We like keeping it real.

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Real Tasty

We use only 100% NZ sourced natural ingredients, which means our food is fresh, and full of the delicious flavours your furry friends will love.
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Real Healthy

Our perfectly balanced dog food means less allergies, a shinier coat, a healthier weight, and more energy. In other words, healthier, happier dogs.
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Real Easy

Simply order online. Or even better, subscribe, set and forget. Your dog food is delivered regularly to your door, so you’ll never have to worry about buying dog food again.

Why Real Dog Food?


Our Story

This story started 20 years ago. And while the world changed, one man’s mission did not: To find the best dog food using all-natural, locally sourced NZ ingredients to help improve the health and longevity of our furry best friends - no expenses spared. The result was Real Dog Food.

What does this mean for your dogs? Health benefits you can really see: healthier happier, stronger, longer living dogs with less allergies and savings on vet bills. Now that's a story worth barking about!

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Premium Natural Ingredients.

Just real good stuff, and nothing else.

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Pure NZ grass fed beef. Low fat, full of protein
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Wild caught NZ fish. Full of Omega 3 & 6 oils
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No genetically modified grains or steroids
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No artifical colours, fillers or preservatives
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Real Health Benefits.

  • Fewer Vet visits
  • Longevity in Life
  • Healthier Gut
  • Fuller Stomach
  • More Energy
  • Healthier Weight
  • Fewer Allergies
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Made Fresh Every Week. Delivered When You Need It.

We don’t mass produce our dog food. When your order is processed, we pack it from our freshly made batch which is cooked weekly, and ship it directly from the factory to your door.

Your delivery will arrive just before you run out from your last batch, which means you’ll never have to worry about running out of dog food ever again.
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How It Works.

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Choose Your Food

Choose your dog food from our menu. Check out our feeding guide if you’re not sure which food you need.
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Order Online

Tell us how often you want a new bag delivered, and save even more when you subscribe.
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Set and Forget

Your dog food is regularly delivered to your door, just as you need it. Update your delivery times, or pause / cancel anytime.

Suitable for All Dogs.

Your dog is unique, and we believe in producing different foods specifically tailored to their needs. Whether your furry friend is an active adult, an allergic senior, or a fresh cuddly pup, our delicious foods have the perfect balance of nutrition and taste for whatever stage they’re in.

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Full Adult Nutrition

Our all natural premium Real Dog Food Balanced is lovingly blended and enriched as a healthy complete diet for our doggy friends of all shapes and sizes. Packed with the correct balance of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, proteins and goodness it is hard to imagine a more healthy full and balanced diet than this for your furry best friend
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100% Love It Guarantee

Buy one of our trial packs, and if your furry friend doesn’t rave about our food, send it back and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund.
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Here's something to

Bark About!

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I tried Real Dog Food allergies and after one week I have a sweeter smelling irritation free terrier. It's all we give her now asides from a few left overs and she is more relaxed and smell free... Thank You Real Dog Food!

Jane (and Itchy)

"So I ordered the RealDogFood and now that he’s on it regularly, Sugar is super-excited about eating again...And it’s good to know that this food has been carefully formulated to be healthy. He's healthier than ever and walking huge distances with us again."

Vicki (and Sugar)

"Skye loves the large biscuits (which she has to eat more slowly :) ). She has the most beautiful healthy coat and teeth after just a few months of this diet. AND no plastic waste!!"

Terri-Ann (and Skye)

"Our dog has had issues with yeasty ears her whole life. Started off being treated with drops, then steroids, then raw food. None of it worked and some caused her major issues. We are 2.5 months into real dog food (allergies) and she hasn’t had one single flare-up. No red, itchy sore ears. Back to our happy girl!"

Sammy (and Ellie)

"My pooch loves this real dog food. And his coat is glossy and shiny! The real meat content seems to sit well with him, he gobbles it down and there's rarely anything left on his plate. Far less flatulence too it must be said."

David P.

"Our girls have been on Real Dog Food for about 2 months now and absolutely love it. It's delivered freshly made, fulls them up and their fur is looking so shiny! We can definitely see the difference it is making. If you love your dog as part of your family I highly recommend Real Dog Food."

Jared & Robyn

"Excellent product and excellent people. Highly recommended."

Rae C.

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