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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use preservatives?

Pet food manufacturers have the option of either chemical or natural means to preserve their products.

    Chemical preservatives tend to have a longer shelf life and are cheaper than the natural alternatives which is why they are more commonly used, but here at Real Dog Food we have made a firm decision to only make use of natural antioxidants  in minimal amounts to ensure the shelf life of your pet’s food is maintained

    On top of this, our products are usually packaged and sent to our customers within 10 days of production, compared to up to 3 months with some imported products. This ensures the product is as fresh as possible.



    Of the 3 types of minerals availabe for dog food production, chelated minerals are more easilly absorbed by dogs than oxides and sulfates. Despite the additional expense incurred, we have opted for exclusively  making use of chelated minerals.




    How do you cook / produce your food?

    The longer you cook food the more you reduce the nutritional benefits. At Real Dog Food, we extrude the food. This means it is cooked under pressure by direct steam injection in less than 30 seconds – compared to up to 40 minutes required to bake a biscuit. This ensures minimal nutritional loss, particularly with the vitamin content, a lot of which is subject to damage when heated for too long.

    Do you offer discounts for bulk buys for regular customers?

    Everyone wants to get the best value for money. We manufacture in New Zealand, from locally sourced raw materials, so we save on international freight costs, biosecurity and custom clearance charges, as well as import costs. All these savings on our side directly benefit you, the pet owner. From day one, our aim has always been to supply a quality pet food at an honest price. If you love our dog food as much as we do (and we think you will), subscribe and save even more than the regular retail price. 

    What's the difference between "Premium Dog Food" vs "Complete Dog Food"?

    A complete food contains all the necessary nutrients (protein, minerals, fats, vitamins etc), but there is no control over where those nutrients are sourced. One batch may have most of the protein from various meats, the next from various cereals. These products are normally price driven. Therefore the cheapest raw materials are often used. A premium product must source up to 90% of protein from animal sources, as canines absorb animal protein much better than vegetable protein. Premium products also must have a fixed formula, so the raw materials are not affected by price fluctuations.

    What's the difference between grains and vegetables in dog food?

    In their natural environment, dogs (unlike cats who eat only muscle meat) ate all their prey, including the offal, intestines, stomach and its contents. Their prey were normally grazing animals, so the stomach etc contained partially digested grasses. Grains are cultivated grasses, therefore canines ate grains.

    The grain was partially broken down and not as harvested. We do the same in processing our dog foods.