Why Real Dog Food?

We use Human Grade NZ Sourced natural ingredients where ever possible. Which means our food is fresh, and full of the delicious flavours your hairy best friends will love.

New 1.5kg Trial Packs - 100% Love It, Or Get Your Money Back!

Why not try our new Risk-Free 1.5kg TRIAL packs - now in environmentally friendly brown paper bags. If your dog or dogs don’t love it, we're happy to give you a 100% money-back guarantee!


"My pooch loves this real dog food" And his coat is glossy and shiny! The real meat content seems to sit well with him, he gobbles it down and there's rarely anything left on his plate. Far less flatulence too it must be said.

David Albert Pomeroy

Excellent product and excellent people. Highly recommended.

Rae C.

"Love this product so far for our dogs, made fresh and locally with way less plastic packaging. Good biscuit size options. Really impressed."

Hollie F.

"So pleased I discovered RealDogFood at the Food Show." I took home the sample and introduced it to Sugar, my 18 year old Westie, in his usual bowl along with the Vet’s allergy food he’d been eating for many years. I was loathe to change because he has been so healthy and still walks up Mt Eden every day. The oldest dog still walking in Mt Eden I reckon. Just to add variety, I did start giving him some My Dog wet food from the supermarket, which he loved, but he started getting fat. And he stopped walking. Would only go to the end of the street. Too much fat in the food. Vet told me off. So I ordered the RealDogFood and now that he’s on it regularly, Sugar is super-excited about eating again. Previously he sniffed at his food, bored, and walked away, returning only for intermittent nibbles when he was hungry. And it’s good to know that this food has been carefully formulated to be healthy. He’s healthier than ever and walking huge distances with us again. So a win all round really. Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend it to my friends who have dogs too. Fantastic.

Vicki (and Sugar the Westie)

"We have just changed to Real Dog Food and our 18 month blue english staffy loves it." We found this product at the Oratia Farmers Market and were very impressed by the knowledge and information given to us about dogs in general and their diet requirements. We also support that is is NZ local made with no [nasties] in it. Like all good dog owners we want the best for our fur children. The communication with delivery and changing of orders has been awesome. Totally recommend this product!

Bela H.

"Skye loves the large biscuits (which she has to eat more slowly :)). She has the most beautiful healthy coat and teeth after just a few months of this diet. AND no plastic waste!!"

Terri-Ann B.

"Our shitzu bichon cross has had itchy skin for a long period of time which we and the vet could not get on top of." We saw Real Dog Food at the last Auckland food show and were impressed with the information given about their dog food. A week or ten days from starting the new food Poppy has had no further itching and the bonus is for both our shitzus - they love the food. Bonus all round!!

Coral and Ross B.

"The dog food arrived yesterday and I gave it to my Shepherd and husky for dinner and they LOVED IT! Even our two little dogs (we have 5) who have turned there nose up at every kibble we have tried to give them, absolutely loved it and we’re begging for more! Would highly recommend you guys!!"


"A RealDogFood subscription has been the one of the best decisions I've made for my dogs." The delivery's convenient, it's a good price, and the dogs love the food. I also like that it's a kiwi company, and the owners are good sorts. Especially during the lockdown and the challenges that brought, Jasmine and Terry went the extra mile to make sure our pups had the food they needed. It's clear this isn't just a business for them, they really care about the welfare of our four-legged companions. Can't recommend them and their dog food highly enough.


"Our dog has had issues with yeasty ears her whole life. Started off being treated with drops then steroids then raw food. None of it worked and some cause her major issues. We are 2.5 months into real dog food (allergies) and she hasn’t had one single flare-up. No red, itchy sore ears. Back to our happy girl! Thank you so much, from Ellie and our family!"

Sammy M.

"Our girls have been on Real Dog Food for about 2 months now and absolutely love it. It's delivered freshly made, fulls them up and their fur is looking so shinny! We can defiantly see the difference it is making. If you love your dog as part of your family I highly recommend Real Dog Food."

Jared & Robyn T.

Excellent product and excellent people. Highly recommended.

Rae C.

"This dog food is fantastic for training." Following the reward system and playing games you can choose the kibble size for your dog to create the most effective reward. It looks real and our dogs love it.

Fiona D.