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"So pleased I discovered RealDogFood at the Food Show.

I took home the sample and introduced it to Sugar, my 18 year old Westie, in his usual bowl along with the Vet’s allergy food he’d been eating for many years. I was loathe to change because he has been so healthy and still walks up Mt Eden every day. The oldest dog still walking in Mt Eden I reckon.

Just to add variety, I did start giving him some My Dog wet food from the supermarket, which he loved, but he started getting fat. And he stopped walking. Would only go to the end of the street. Too much fat in the food. Vet told me off.



So I ordered the RealDogFood and now that he’s on it regularly, Sugar is super-excited about eating again. Previously he sniffed at his food, bored, and walked away, returning only for intermittent nibbles when he was hungry. And it’s good to know that this food has been carefully formulated to be healthy.

He’s healthier than ever and walking huge distances with us again.

So a win all round really. Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend it to my friends who have dogs too. Fantastic.

Cheers Vicki"



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