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  • Making The Most Of Levels 4, 3, And 2 With Pup Time!

    While the various lockdown levels have turned the country on its head, the news is not all bad. Here’s how you can make the most of lockdown with your pet and how you can create a happier, healthier lifestyle for them too.
  • Is There Such A Thing As A Dog Nutritionist?

    Any dog owner will tell you that dogs LOVE to eat!

    They will eat pretty much anything, including things they really, really shouldn’t. Like scraps from the table, old shoes, roadkill, and even errrr…. “deposits” left by other dogs – anything is fair game.

    With such far-ranging tastes, surely any old dog food will be fine, right?


    Read on to find out why dog nutrition matters, and how it can help your pup live a long and happy life.

  • Puppy vs Adult Dog Food - What's the difference?

    Did You Know Puppies Have Different Dietary Needs To Adult Dogs? Many pet owners sometimes don’t understand the different dietary needs that our poochy pals require. As younger dogs are still in their critical development stages, specialised dog food is an important and often necessary option. With so many dog food options on the market, how do you know which is the best one?

  • What Is An All-Natural Dog Food?

    Supermarket food options and even premium brands include preservatives to keep them fresher for longer and some also include additives to bulk them out. Neither of these things are good for dogs. Which is why an all-natural food is best. But what exactly is an all-natural dog food?
  • Could Your Dog Have A Food Allergy?

    Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies – to fleas, environmental triggers, or food. While the flea and environmental allergies are the most common, food allergies and intolerances can and do occur in our canine companions. So, what is a food allergy, what are the common symptoms? Here’s how to identify a food allergy or sensitivity in your dog, and what to do about it.
  • Want The Best Quality Affordable Food For Your Dog?

    What’s in your current dog food? Not sure? Well, if you are buying commercial brands we can tell you there are probably a lot of ingredients that you won’t be able to pronounce, let alone know what they are! That is why we set out to find real food that would satisfy real dogs without the real big list of preservatives. Those reasons lead us to Real Dog Food.

  • Dogs are omnivoures

    Like humans our furry best friends are omnivores, and not to be confused with their very distant wolf cousins or our domesticated cats which are both carnivores.
    It is very important for our furry best friend’s welfare that they are receiving a balanced diet of goodness with all the nutrients that they require, just as we need a balanced diet so do they.
  • Raw food 'can lead to bone deformities' in pets

    Raw food fed to domestic pets often contains harmful bacteria and can lead to animals suffering “multiple fractures”, says a veterinarian lecturer. 
    Dr Nick Cave of Massey University said raw food diets could be the paleo fads of the animal world. 
  • New insights on the impact of raw red meat diet for dogs

    Feeding a raw diet is increasingly popular and a current hot topic. It remains an important issue and one that where we need to understand the effect that these diets may have on cat or dog health.