Helping Your Dog Have Healthy Joints And Mobility

Pups deserve to jump and play regardless of their age.

Keeping their joints healthy will be a key part of making that happen.

So, to ensure your pup can still enjoy walkies (and the odd chase of the cat!), follow these helpful tips for healthy joints and mobility.

Helping Your Dog Have Healthy Joints And Mobility

The Importance Of Joint Health

Healthy joints are essential for keeping your pup in overall good health and to boost their wellbeing and quality of life. Here’s why:

  1. Move It!

    Healthy joints help doggos of all ages and sizes to move freely and without discomfort. That means running, walking and playing can be done with ease. They can also get up and down (preferably not on the furniture, of course!) and keep everything functioning well for all those activities they need to do in a day.

  2. Pain Prevention

    If your dog were to suffer from joint issues, it would likely cause them a lot of pain or discomfort. But by keeping those joints healthy and moving, you can keep those painful conditions at bay, improving your pup’s overall happiness and comfort.

  3. Quality of Life

    When your dog’s joints are functioning as they should, they are able to lead the happy and active lifestyle they’re used to. Going for walkies, chasing cats, playing fetch and sniffing all the smells are all possible, and they won’t be limited by joint stiffness or pain.

  4. More Time Together

    Obviously, you want to spend as many years as possible with your furry friend. And maintaining strong, healthy joints can translate into more time together. That’s because they will have greater overall health and the ability to remain active as the years tick by.

  5. Minimises Health Risks

    Joint problems can lead to other scary health conditions for your doggo. These range from muscle wastage to weight gain and are largely due to decreased activity levels. When your pup is overweight, that brings a whole new list of problems! Fortunately, by keeping those joints healthy you can help to prevent these additional health concerns from cropping up.

Do Young Dogs Need To Worry About Joint Health?

Joint problems tend to be more common in older dogs, but it is still important to prioritise good joint health at all ages and stages. Here’s why:

  • Development: Puppies undergo periods of rapid growth and development which can put stress on their developing joints. Certain breeds are also prone to developmental issues like hip dysplasia. Maintaining good joint health at a young age helps their joints develop correctly from the start.
  • Prevention: Taking proactive steps to maintain joint health from a young age can prevent problems from arising in later life.
  • Injury Prevention: Sometimes young pups don’t know their own speed or strength. Couple that with a need to be active and adventurous, and you increase the risk of joint injuries! Rough play, jumping and excessive running can all be risky for the joints!
  • Genetic Worries: Some breeds are genetically predisposed to joint issues. If you have a breed that is known for certain orthopedic issues, being proactive now can help them later in life.

Help For Healthy Joints

Now that we understand the importance of keeping your pup’s joints healthy, let’s look at some ways you can help your furry friend:


Feeding your pup a well balanced diet is one of the best things you can do for their joint health. It ensures their bodies get all the nutrients they need to maintain the structure and function of the joints. Good diet can also help with weight management and reduction of any inflammation. It also helps to support strong muscles, providing stability and reducing the load on the joints.

As you can see, nutrition is important! Which is why we invested in so much research when developing our Real Dog Food blends. Calling on the expertise of pet nutrition experts, we tirelessly worked to formulate the ultimate pup food. That means when your doggo eats our kibble, they are getting all the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy.

Watch the Weight

When your pup is carrying too much weight, it puts additional strain on its joints. This can lead to issues like arthritis or joint pain. By keeping your pup at a healthy weight, you will reduce the pressure on their joints. You can do this by feeding the correct portion sizes of a high quality food and ensure your furry friend gets plenty of exercise.

Regular Exercise

Staying active not only keeps the excess weight off your pup, but it also keeps their mobility up. Just remember to tailor your activity levels to your dog’s abilities. Keep in mind their age, breed and any existing conditions they have. A walk is ALWAYS good exercise, no matter the speed, and swimming can be a gentle-on-the-joints activity also.

Listen to what your pup is telling you though. Overexertion can be really harmful for them. So, pay attention to any signs of discomfort or fatigue during moments of physical activity, then adjust your active plans accordingly.


We all love a good excuse to pamper our precious pets and this is your chance! Your doggo will need a comfortable and supportive environment to sleep and relax in. A decent structure with some snuggly softness can help to relieve any unnecessary pressure on their joints.

Health Checks

There are plenty of ways you can check that your furry friend is in good health. As a pet owner, make sure you monitor their nose, skin, paws and fur to ensure all is as it should be. Also, keep an eye on their weight and activity levels.

Don’t forget to take the advice of your vet for regular check-up timeframes. Your vet will be able to assess your dog’s joint health and offer any appropriate suggestions to maintain or improve it.


Sometimes your pup could benefit from supplements to support their joint health. If you find that your ageing pup is lacking energy or mobility, a Joint Supplement could help them get a little spring back in their step.

Make sure you choose a premium, natural option like our Joint Supplement Treats to give them a boost of the good stuff. With 60 naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and amino acids, these supplements use all-natural ingredients to reduce the painful effects of arthritis and joint stiffness.

Excellent Nutrition For Joint Health

As we already mentioned, good nutrition is one of the key factors in maintaining good joint health for your furry friends. By choosing Real Dog Food’s premium kibble blends, you can be confident that your dog is getting everything they need to stay happy, healthy and satisfied.

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