From Farm To Bag - The Journey Of Our Ingredients

How exactly does the kibble get into your dog’s bowl?

You know that you pour it out of the Real Dog Food sustainable packaging.

But, it has taken quite the journey to get to that point.

It all begins at the farm with high quality premium ingredients. Then, we carefully create the dog bikkies that your pup knows and loves.

Find out about our Farm to Bag process now.

From Farm To Bag

We know your pet deserves the best because that is exactly what we wanted to give our dogs when we began developing the formulations for Real Dog Food. Twenty years ago we realised that there were no dog foods on the market that met our standards.

We knew we could do better for our furry friends.

So we began the journey to develop the ultimate dry dog food that would maximise nutritional value and the performance of our working dogs. Since then, we have perfected the recipes for our kibbles by working alongside the best pet nutrition experts in the business.

We pride ourselves on producing a farm to bag product that dogs just can’t get enough of! Our food starts its journey on the farm. We partner with trusted farmers and suppliers who share our dedication to quality and nutrition. Our ingredients are selected for their nutritional value and purity. By choosing ingredients that are responsibly sourced and free from harmful additives, we can provide your dog with the best nutrition nature has to offer!

What’s In Our Food?

  • Grass Fed Beef - The grass fed cattle we utilise are raised sustainably right here in Aotearoa without growth hormones for a clean, safe product. A high quality source of protein, beef is crucial for pup muscle development and maintenance. With high levels of omega-3 fatty acids it helps to maintain healthy skin, coat and joints. Lean, natural and easy to digest, grass fed beef reduces the risk of gastrointestinal issues as it contains less unhealthy fats. With a rich, natural flavour, it is palatable and appealing to doggo appetites!
  • Ground Maize - Ground maize, or cornmeal, provides your pup with a good source of carbohydrates, which are essential for energy (particularly in active dogs). With a sustained energy release, this ingredient helps your pup feel fuller for longer throughout the day. It also contains plenty of fibre, helping to regulate bowel movements and prevent constipation. Maize is also rich in B vitamins which are important for good metabolism, brain function and overall cellular health.
  • Brown Rice - Like maize, brown rice is a grain that is high in dietary fibre, aiding in good digestion. The high fibre content can help to reduce cholesterol levels, supporting good heart health. It also provides a slow energy release as a complex carbohydrate. Low in fat and gentle on the stomach, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions or food sensitivities.
  • Fishmeal - Fishmeal is a natural and safe glucosamine supplement for doggos. Supporting cartilage maintenance and repair, it reduces joint pain and inflammation, helping to improve mobility and flexibility. This all adds up to your furry friend being able to enjoy a more comfortable and active lifestyle.
  • Flaxseed - Adding a mild nutty flavour to the kibble, flaxseed complements the wide variety of premium ingredients we use, boosting everything from cardiovascular and digestive health to skin and coat also.
  • Fish Oil - An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil contributes to good bone health and immune function. It is also an important contributor to brain and eye health. Finally, the omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that can help negate symptoms of arthritis and other joint conditions.
  • Blood Meal - An excellent source of iron, blood meal helps with the production of red blood cells and the prevention of anemia, keeping your pup happy and healthy.

These are just some of the main ingredients that are in our Balanced blend. It’s also packed with other natural components that all contribute towards excellent health and nutrition for your pup.

The Importance Of Quality Ingredients

Why is it so important that we use high quality ingredients in our food? Well, there are a couple of reasons why we only include the best ingredients. The main ones are:

Health Benefits

Feeding your dog premium ingredients can help to improve their health. For a start, premium ingredients tend to be more nutrient-dense than their lesser quality counterparts. That means they provide your dog with essential nutrition, vitamins and minerals. And, when they get everything their bodies need from their foods, they are less likely to develop deficiencies.

High quality ingredients also contain fewer artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, and chemicals, reducing the risk of any negative health effects that might be caused by ingesting these nasties.

Nutritional Value

Our ingredients are all fresh and minimally processed. That means they retain more of their natural nutrients. When processed too heavily or stored incorrectly, ingredients can lose some of their goodness. But, by using a variety of balanced ingredients and making fresh batches every week, our proteins, grains, vegetables and vitamins maintain all of their nutritional value.


Just because dogs will eat almost anything doesn't mean they should have to put up with subpar flavours! Your pup deserves tasty food that they love to eat. Premium ingredients generally have superior taste and texture compared to lower quality alternatives. By having yummy kibble to chow down on, it will enhance the entire dining experience for your pup.

Food Safety

By using reputable suppliers, we know exactly where all of our ingredients come from. In fact, we’ve even visited some of the farms where our meat is produced! All our ingredients have stringent quality control measures which reduces the risk of contamination. Our suppliers maintain total transparency, ensuring their ingredients meet food safety standards.

Cost Effectiveness

Can premium ingredients actually be more cost effective? Yes! We think they can be. When you feed your doggo nutrient-dense ingredients, they don’t require as much food to feel full, so portion sizes can be smaller. That means a bag of our kibble will last you longer than the cheaper alternatives. Made freshly every week, your kibble is going to have great shelf life.

You may even save on vet or treatment bills as premium ingredients promote better health and reduce the risk of diet-related health or weight issues.

How Is The Kibble Made?

A big part of our farm to bag process is protecting the integrity of those ingredients as the kibble is made. During our research phase, we discovered that the longer you cook food the more you reduce the nutritional benefits. So at Real Dog Food, we extrude the food.

This means it is cooked under pressure by direct steam injection in less than 30 seconds – compared to up to 40 minutes required to bake a biscuit. This ensures minimal nutritional loss, particularly with the vitamin content, a lot of which is subject to damage when heated for too long.

We do this process weekly so that we can ensure you get the freshest food! Once cooked, the kibble is placed inside our environmentally friendly packaging and delivered to your door.

Where Can I Get It?

The good news is that you can find all of our tasty kibbles right here on our website. Browse our range of delicious dog foods now and we’ll deliver them direct to your door!

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