Making The Most Of Levels 4, 3, And 2 With Pup Time!

While the various lockdown levels have turned the country on its head, the news is not all bad. In fact, some creatures are absolutely loving the lockdown protocols that are restricting us to our homes. Those creatures are our loveable, furry canine friends. After all, they have their humans at home with them a lot more. What could be better for those four-legged friends? While life might feel a bit restricted right now, we have to look for the silver linings. We are saving kiwi lives, and… we get to spend more time with our pets!

Here’s how you can make the most of lockdown with your pet and how you can create a happier, healthier lifestyle for them too.

Reconnect With Your Dog

Dogs are the absolute best at unconditional love. There is nothing that will stand in the way of their excitement to see you and the special place you hold in their hearts. Sometimes when life is so busy, you don’t always get to spend as much time as you want to with your pup. Luckily, lockdown and the following levels have given us the gift of time. You can actually take the time to reconnect with your pets and love each other that little bit more. Regular walks, cuddles and playtime will make you realise just why you welcomed a dog into your family in the first place. Not only is it a great excuse for the whole family to stay active, but it also gets you out of the house and into the fresh air.

Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

We know our pets are pretty awesome, but did you know that they can boost your mental wellbeing too? The love of a pet is known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease the feelings of loneliness, and helps you to stay more active. It is also documented that children who grow up with a pet have a stronger sense of responsibility, and also feel more secure. Not bad for a little ball of fluff!

Patting your pet helps your body to release oxytocin (the happy hormone) and reduces the production of cortisol (the stress hormone). So, the simple act of showing your pet some love can help you to feel happier, healthier and calmer.

Happy, Healthier Pets

That old saying “you are what you eat” still has a lot of merit in the modern world. The lockdown protocols restricted access to a lot of the fast and processed food we may have included in our diets. I know many people who say they are feeling better for eating every meal at home.
The same goes for your pet. If they rely on a diet of highly processed foods, then they aren’t getting enough of the nutrients they need. It can leave them feeling sluggish, demotivated and even in pain. Many people have chosen the level 2 and 3 periods as a time to modify their pet’s diets. They are home more which makes it easier to make the transition. Changing your pet’s diet should be a gradual process. The new food should be integrated over a 10-day period to ensure your pet does not have any adverse reactions or withdrawals from the diet they are used to.

Choosing a complete all-natural, nutrient-rich food means that your dog will be happier and healthier. With none of the preservatives and chemicals of supermarket or international brands, Real Dog Food is the solution you have been looking for.