Is There Such A Thing As A Dog Nutritionist?

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs LOVE to eat!

They will eat pretty much anything, including things they really, really shouldn’t. Like scraps from the table, old shoes, roadkill, and even errrr…. “deposits” left by other dogs – anything is fair game.

With such far-ranging tastes, surely any old dog food will be fine, right?


Our four-legged besties actually have very specific dietary requirements. That’s where dog nutritionists come in. Yes, they do exist. In fact, we worked with an excellent one to create our premium natural dog food.

Read on to find out why dog nutrition matters, and how it can help your pup live a long and happy life.


Every Dog Is A Unique Snowflake

No two dogs are alike, even if they’re from the same litter.

So, that means their nutritional requirements differ too. They vary hugely depending on the age of your dog, their activity level, their breed, and any health conditions they may have.

For example, rapidly growing puppies need at least twice as much calcium as adult dogs, and pregnant females need twice as much protein. Get the nutrition wrong, and you could see severe growth abnormalities.

Choosing the right food for your pup is a large part of ensuring they stay healthy. So, just grabbing the nearest bag of kibble or the closest generic dog roll is not the answer. (Unless of course, the nearest bag of kibble is the Real Dog Food that has just arrived on your doorstep!)


Correct Nutrition Is A Balancing Act

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet for their bodies to operate at peak efficiency.

They need six key dietary components to thrive: water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. All these things affect one another and interact in different ways.

Get the proportions wrong, and you can seriously impact the wellbeing of your dog. Increasing one vitamin or mineral may mean you need to decrease or increase others to ensure the overall nutritional values remain correct. It’s a complicated task!


Natural Is Better

All those preservatives and chemicals you can’t even pronounce are not what we should be feeding any living creature, let alone our pampered pooches. The fresher and more natural the food, the more readily available all those essential nutrients become.

Sure, you could buy fresh meat, fruit, and veggies and spend your days preparing home-cooked meals for your dog. But without the years of education and experience that a dog nutritionist has, your dog would probably still miss out on something important. And really, who has that kind of time?

Real Dog Food is made fresh every week in New Zealand, with 100% natural ingredients and no hidden nasties.


The Allergy Factor

More and more dogs are developing dietary allergies. These intolerances are in response to certain foods and can show up as itchy skin, rashes, ear infections, hot spots, or tummy troubles.

A simple yet scientifically formulated diet is the key to preventing and managing food allergies. The fewer ingredients, the easier it is to figure out the culprit. Our nutritionist helped create the Allergies (hypoallergenic) and Grain Free diets to cater to the growing number of sensitive doggies out there!

Plus, they filled our Balanced and Puppy formulations with all the good stuff too!


We know that your dog is part of the family, and you want him or her to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. We feel the same way.

That's why Real Dog Food was crafted with the help of a dog nutritionist who understands what these beautiful canines need from birth to old age – and every stage in between.

So, why not try your pup on one of our all-natural blends and ensure you are ticking the boxes on all their dietary requirements. We deliver right to your door on a subscription or one off basis and we are so confident your pup will love it that we have a 100% money back guarantee!

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