Dogs are omnivoures

Like humans our furry best friends are omnivores, and not to be confused with their very distant wolf cousins or our domesticated cats which are both carnivores.
It is very important for our furry best friend’s welfare that they are receiving a balanced diet of goodness with all the nutrients that they require, just as we need a balanced diet so do they.
Unbeknownst to many, our furry best friends have been domesticated for some 33,000 years according to archaeological evidence, and their ability to thrive on carbohydrate-rich diets most likely started with the establishment of agriculture about 10,000 years ago where they likely scavenged and or were given the same food as we ate.
A scientific DNA study carried out by evolutionary geneticist Erik Axelsson of Uppsala University in Sweden confirms that there is a very distinct difference, at a DNA level, between our furry best friend and wolves. Particularly with relation to the digestive tract and metabolism which allows domesticated dogs to thrive on carbohydrate-rich diets.


Original Source: Science News