Compostable Packaging Information

Our Sustainability Promise

Real Dog Food NZ is committed to producing New Zealand made, sustainable dog food produced with real ingredients for your dog’s health. Our commitment to sustainability begins with our sustainable dog food and now includes sustainable packaging to ensure that we are doing the very best for our environment!

We believe that we can do right by the Earth, our customers and our business by using packaging that reduces our carbon footprint and gives back to our gardens and the Earth. We care about our environment and we are passionate about keeping our oceans clear of waste. That is why we have very carefully selected packaging that will not only benefit our planet, but our customers as well.

Real Dog Food NZ uses compostable packaging for all of our dog foods and treats. The packaging we use is able to break down into natural materials when it has been composted. This process usually takes around 90 days and once the packaging has decomposed, it can be used again in your garden! We understand that not everyone will have a compost bin at their house so our compostable packaging means that it will still decompose into natural materials in landfill (but over a longer period of time).

Our packaging material is made from FSC® Certified pulp, making it easily compostable in a compost bin or in landfill. You will be glad to know that the labels we use on the packaging are also home compostable! We have ensured that every single part of our packaging has been considered against the lasting effects it has on our planet.

If you have a compost bin, we recommend that you cut the packaging up before composting. Once the materials of the packing have been broken down, it will leave you with nutrient rich soil that will benefit your garden greatly. If you have a 1.5 litre bag, this can be easily washed and used again! The bag can be reused for purposes such as garden storage, wet or dirty laundry (for children at school or daycare) or for storing items for your dog such as leads, treats and collars. If you are not keen to compost this bag, we know that you will find many uses to reuse it again!

Our commitment to sustainability not only benefits our desire to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but yours too. We have ensured that all of our packaging is easily decomposable for all of our customers, no matter what stage of the sustainable journey you are in.

At Real Dog Food NZ, we are committed to making sure that we reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can! We promise to continue to create natural dog food that will be wrapped in sustainable packaging to benefit your dog’s health and the health of our planet too!