What Is An All-Natural Dog Food?

For decades, humans have been striving to eat better. We all try to improve our diet by eating natural foods with fewer preservatives. That means more fruit and veggies, lean meats and complex grains, and less processed items. Preservatives and additives are known to impact our bodies negatively. So, why are we then ready to feed them to our dogs? Supermarket food options and even premium brands include preservatives to keep them fresher for longer and some also include additives to bulk them out. Neither of these things are good for dogs. Which is why an all-natural food is best. But what exactly is an all-natural dog food? Let’s answer that question right now! 

What All-Natural Food Contains
When you look at the ingredient labels on Real Dog Food blends, you will know what all of the ingredients are. There won’t be any that you don’t know how to pronounce, or that you couldn’t spell off the top of your head. All-natural dog food quite literally contains all natural ingredients. That means the kinds of foods you would put on your own plate. Grass fed meats, corn, rice, fresh fish, herbs, flaxseed, soy, garlic - these are all common ingredients that you will find in our various food blends.

The ingredients are selected to be a complete diet for your dog, providing them with the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Because different dogs have different needs, we have Puppy, Balanced, and Allergy-Friendly blends to ensure your pup’s needs are fully catered for. Made fresh on a weekly basis, there is no need for the inclusion of preservatives or other nasties. Just all-natural ingredients that your dogs will love!
Why It Is A Healthier Alternative
Do you really know what is in the dog food you buy from the supermarket or pet store? And do you know how fresh it is? Sure, premium foods are better for your pets than other brands, but they still contain chemicals. Premium dog food brands are all made overseas, mostly in Europe or America. Because there is such a high demand for them, they are made in huge batches on huge industrial machines.

From there, they are packaged and sent out to the world. The timeframe between them being mixed and being poured in your dog’s bowl could be months. That means in order to be a practical worldwide food source, they need to add preservatives to the mix.  Goodness knows what chemicals you could inadvertently be feeding your dog.

By comparison, Real Dog Food is created in weekly small batches. It is packaged and sent out in the same week that it is made. You can’t get it any fresher than that! And… no need for nasty preservatives and chemicals.  We also have the insider info (from our expert furry taste testers) that it is yum! It always disappears out of the bowls at our place at super speed.
Benefits For Your Pet
Dogs are natural omnivores. That means, they like to eat a range of meats and plant based materials. Our all-natural food gives them a mixed blend of all the good stuff they need at every meal. It means they get to enjoy their doggy life. With a balanced diet of nutrients and minerals, it means no tummy troubles and more energy for them. Dogs have also been known to live longer and have less troubles with allergies. Our allergy blend aids dogs with sensitive digestion, kidney or liver problems, and pancreatitis, as well as wheat and various other allergies.
So, if you are ready to get your pet onto the good stuff and enjoy all the benefits that it brings, then why not try one of our 1.5kg trial packs. 100% love it or get your money back! Shop our trial packs now.