Small Dog Food: Should Small Dogs Eat Different Food From Big Dogs?

Imagine a Chihuahua and a Great Dane sitting side by side. It's clear that their sizes differ vastly.

The question is, does their diet need to differ as well?

Do small dogs need different food than their much larger counterparts?

And is there such a thing as small dog food?

In this blog, we're diving into the fascinating realm of dog nutrition to explore whether small dogs should indeed be served a different menu than big dogs.

Let’s get to it!

Small Dog Food: Should Small Dogs Eat Different Food From Big Dogs?


Every puppy will start out as a small dog, which is why they deserve a mention in this article. They will eventually grow into full sized adult dogs. But, during the first 9 months of their lives, their bodies start small and are doing a heck of a lot of growing and developing. So, they have different nutritional needs throughout their puppy phase.

Choosing a food that is specially formulated for puppies will give them everything they need to grow strong. Puppy food will usually contain higher levels of protein, fat and calories to support their rapid growth and development.

At Real Dog Food, our puppy blend contains grass fed beef for protein, fish meal for brain development, agrimoss as a natural prebiotic, fish oil containing Omegas 3 and 6 for brain health and vision development, rosemary as a powerful antioxidant for cardiovascular health, and plenty of other minerals and vitamins (like calcium for good bone health).

Words from our happy pup-tomers:

Lisa H tells us, “Our puppy wasn't loving his kibble, but we tried Real Dog Food Puppy and we were even able to use it for training! I love that it's locally made, using quality ingredients so I know it's good for him.”

And Keely W says, “Such amazing food, our bulldog is 5mths old and absolutely 100% loves these!! These biscuits are full of all the right ingredients none of the nasties, so you know you're feeding your pup a great balanced diet. Totally recommend!!”

Small Adult Dogs

Now, what about small adult dogs? We’ve learned that our young pups have different nutritional needs, but what about fully grown smaller dogs?

Well, if you select the right food for your dog then the answer is no. Smaller dogs do not necessarily need a different small dog food blend from their larger counterparts. But, in saying that, there are some things you should consider when choosing food for your small doggo.

Balanced Food

Not all dog foods are created equal! Even if it says that it’s a premium or complete food on the label, it pays to research a little further to ensure the food you choose gives your furry friend the core nutrients they need.

You can’t go wrong with our all-natural premium Real Dog Food Balanced option. It’s lovingly blended and enriched with the essential nutrients to create a healthy, complete diet for doggos of all shapes and sizes. Packed with the correct balance of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, proteins and goodness, it is hard to imagine a more healthy, full and balanced diet than this nutritious dog food for your furry best friend.

By choosing a balanced blend, you can ensure that your small dog gets everything it needs to stay happy, healthy and full.

Kibble Size

While your small pup can enjoy the same blend of food as its larger furry friends, you may want to consider the size of the kibble that you feed them. With littler mouths than a larger dog, it can be hard for smaller breeds to chow down on big biscuits.

Choosing a smaller cut of kibble makes it easier for your pup to chew and digest it. That’s why we offer three different sizes of kibble here at Real Dog Food. When you place your order for our all-natural premium food, you can select between small, medium and large kibble sizes to ensure you get the perfect meal for your pup, regardless of their breed.

Portion Size

Smaller dogs have smaller tummies than big dogs, so you need to be conscious of the portion size that you feed them. Some pups like to eat, and then eat, and then eat some more. Monitoring the amount they consume will prevent overeating or boredom snacking.

So, how much does your pup really need to eat?

When it comes to Real Dog Food, a basic feeding guide is to feed 1 cup/100g of our kibble per 10kg of body weight. So that means, a small dog would only need one of our 9kg bags to last them 30 days. And if you aren’t sure how much your dog weighs, rather than subjecting them to the vet scales, simply Google their breed and you’ll find an approximate answer online.

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