10 Top Tips For Great Dog Health

No one wants to think of their pup at anything less than 100% healthy.

So, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for maintaining the ultimate dog health.

Check them out here:

10 Top Tips For Great Dog Health

1. Water, water, water
It doesn’t take much for your doggo to get dehydrated. Especially if they are really active or the weather is hot. There are also certain types of medications that can cause dehydration. So, the number one priority for keeping your pup healthy is providing plenty of fresh water for them to drink!

If you notice your dog has dry or sticky gums, sunken eyes, excessive panting, lethargy, or reduced urine output, it could be dehydrated. Get some water into them immediately!

2. Keep them moving
Regular physical activity is crucial for keeping your pup in tip top shape. They should have some space to run around at home as a starter. Then, it’s also recommended to take them for a decent walk on a daily basis.

You can then supplement that with trips to the dog park, the bush or the beach. These new and interesting places not only keep them active, but also stimulate their senses with new things to sniff and explore.

3. Keep on top of regular health aspects
Make sure your pup is free from parasites by regularly treating them for fleas and worms. Depending on the type or brand you choose, this needs to be done either monthly or quarterly.

You’ll also want to take your vet’s recommendation on how regularly your doggo needs to visit for check ups to monitor their overall dog health. Seeing your vet regularly will also mean that you can stay on top of their vaccinations.

Don’t forget about your pup’s teeth either. Good dental hygiene is important for dogs. Your vet will guide you on the best oral care practices. This may include brushing their teeth with a dog toothpaste or dental treatments on their vet visits. You can also get dental chews and toys to help with oral care, and Real Dog Food biscuits have been formulated for good dental health too.

4. Keep an eye on their weight
Pooches need to maintain a healthy weight for good heart, joint and overall dog health. Obesity can lead to a bunch of different health problems in dogs. So, it is up to you to ensure they maintain that healthy weight through proper diet and exercise.

You can do that by following point 2 and keeping them active. Plus, don’t forget to choose a great, nutritious food that gives them all the goodness they need in their diet. Oh, and make sure you only feed them an appropriate amount of that food!

5. Keep them groomed
Some breeds will require regular trips to a professional groomer to keep their coat in manageable condition. Other pups will just need a good brush and a regular bath.

Regular grooming is important for your dog’s skin, coat and overall cleanliness (yep, that means preventing the wet dog or I’ve-just-rolled-in-something-nasty stink!) Brush their fur to prevent matting, bathe them as needed, trim their nails and don’t forget to use dog-friendly products to do all of that!

6.Mental stimulation
Just like us, your pup can get bored. And if they are bored on a regular basis, it can impact their behaviour and mood. Some dogs will chew, some will sulk, and some will get into unnecessary mischief. To avoid all of that, keep their brains ticking over with good mental stimulation.

Regular walks and interactions with their humans are a good start. Then, you can supplement that with other things that your dog might find interesting. That could be obedience training, fitness circuits, interactive toys, puzzle feeders, or various games to keep their minds active.

7.Keep them social
Pups love hanging out with other pups! That’s when all the best chaseys, butt sniffing, and tussling happens. Socialising your dog from a young age will help them to become well adjusted and comfortable in a range of different situations. Obedience training is great for promoting their own safety and the safety of those that interact with your dog.

Then, keep up the socialisation by having regular doggy playdates. You can do this with your friends that have doggos, enrolling them in a doggy daycare or group walking programme, taking them to the dog park, or there might even be dog events in your local area.

8.Check their environment
Check that your home and backyard are safe for your pup. Obviously, that means fully fenced so that they can’t escape. But, it also means checking that there are no toxic plants, that dangerous substances are out of reach and that there is nothing they can hurt themselves on.

This will create a dog-friendly environment to keep them happy and healthy, and minimise the risk of accidents and injuries.

9.Fill their cup
Dogs LOVE companionship. They are super social creatures who need a bunch of love and attention to remain happy and healthy. Luckily, they are so darn cute, so spending heaps of time with them sure isn’t difficult!

Offer them all the love, attention and affection that they deserve. All these positive interactions will strengthen the bond you have together, promoting their overall happiness and wellbeing (and it certainly won’t hurt yours either).

10. Feed them a healthy diet
Probably one of the most important things you can do to promote good dog health is to feed them a balanced and nutritious diet. Food fuels their bodies and delivers the essential nutrients they need to function well.

Here at Real Dog Food, our foods have been formulated by pet nutrition experts to give your pup all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to live a happy, healthy life. So, it’s hard to imagine a more healthy, full and balanced diet than this nutritious dog food!

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