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Not sure if your dog will like Real Dog Food?

Now you can get your hands on one of our FREE sample packs. Yes that's right, absolutely free. The same all-natural, healthy goodness in a mini sample pack for your furry friend. Don't be surprised if they gobble it up right away!

We have 4 types of dog food available, each formula tailored with the right balance of nutrients, proteins and vitamins to suit your dog's specific needs - 


Our all natural premium Real Dog Food Balanced is lovingly blended and enriched as a healthy complete diet for our doggy friends of all shapes and sizes. Packed with the correct balance of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, proteins and goodness it is hard to imagine a more healthy full and balanced diet than this for your furry best friend.


Our no nasties, no nonsense Real Dog Food Allergies is especially created as a complete healthy diet which is easily digested for our more sensitive doggy friends with allergies. Suitable for doggies with sensitive digestion, kidney or liver problems, or pancreatitis. This is a hypoallergenic diet that has seen many dogs with allergies to a lot of different problems do well on this formula and enjoy life more than ever again.

Grain Free

Our specially formulated recipe is suitable for our doggy friends with grain allergies. Made primarily with NZ sourced fishmeal and ground potatoes, Real Dog Food Grain Free is a perfect blend of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and proteins, and further enriched with omega 3 + 6. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, this is the ultimate grain free diet for your sensitive furry friend.


Our little puppy friends have special dietary needs for their growing brains and bodies. With no fillers, no nasties and enriched with omegas 3 + 6 and other essential vitamins and minerals, Real Dog Food Puppy is a complete healthy diet for our littlest best friends.

NOTE: Maximum of ONE sample pack per dog food type, per customer. 

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