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Grain Free - TRIAL
Grain Free - 1kg TRIAL - Real Dog Food NZ

Grain Free - TRIAL

Fish and Potatoes
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Not sure if Real Dog Food Grain-Free is right for your dog?

Fair enough. Why not try our new Risk-Free 1.5kg TRIAL packs - now in environmentally friendly brown paper bags. If your dogs don't love it, we're happy to give you a 100% money-back guarantee. Click here for our full Refund Policy.

Our specially formulated recipe is suitable for our doggy friends with grain allergies. Made primarily with NZ sourced fishmeal and ground potatoes, Real Dog Food Grain Free is a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and further enriched with omega 3 + 6. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, this is the ultimate grain free diet for your sensitive furry friend.

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Fishmeal (natural glucosamine) sourced  from wild fish caught in New Zealand waters, ground Idaho potato, flaxseed meal, tallow (stabilized with vitamins C & E,  citric acid and rosemary extract), fish oil (omegas 3 and 6), kelp, oregano, rosemary (powerful antioxidant for cardiovascular health), garlic, salt, natural chelated minerals and vitamins.

Feeding Guide


How do I know how much my dog needs, and what subscription interval suits me best? Refer to our feeding guide to see how much your dog will typically need. Roughly, a small to medium sized dog will need 9kg / 30 days, and a medium to large sized dog will need 18kg / 30 days.

Basic Feeding Guide:

1 cup / 100grams of Real Dog Food per 10kg body weight. 

If your not sure how much your dog should weigh just google recommended weight for your breed of dog and Mr. Google will give you a good guideline. 

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1.5kg TRIAL bags
Auckland (Standard) - FREE
North Island - $5.00
South Island - $10.00
Rural - ADD $5.00

Our processing time is usually 3-5 working days from when we receive your order, until your dog food is despatched. Because our food is made fresh weekly in batches (not sitting on storage shelves in a warehouse somewhere), your food may not be ready until the next batch is due to be cooked. This means fresher foods, no preservatives and nasties, and more sustainable production.